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Navigating the Holidays with Diabetes: A Guide to Celebrating Healthily. Picture of an older caucasian male, a young caucasian male and a caucasian male and female children having a holiday meal together.

Navigating the Holidays with Diabetes: A Guide to Celebrating Healthily

The holiday season is a time for joy, festivities, and delicious meals shared with loved ones. However, for individuals managing diabetes, this time of year can present unique challenges. The abundance of tempting treats, hearty meals, and fluctuating schedules can make it difficult to maintain blood sugar levels. This article aims to provide valuable insights […]

Nourishing Seniors: Balancing Convenience with Health through Home Care Services. Picture of a young hispanic nursing aide assisting an older black male with meals at his home.

Nourishing Seniors: Balancing Convenience with Health through Home Care Services

As our society ages and lifestyles evolve, the dietary habits of older adults have come under scrutiny. One prominent concern is the increasing reliance on convenience foods among seniors. While these foods offer ease and simplicity, they often lack essential nutrients, raising questions about their impact on health. We delve into the reasons behind this […]

Stand Up to Disability. Picture of an older caucasian female doing squat exercises.

Stand Up to Disability

Did you know standing for just one extra hour a day greatly reduces the risk of disability, especially for retirees?1 Sedentary behavior, or sitting, is a very strong risk factor for disability and limitations in activities of daily living (ADL). ADL limitations are those that affect a person’s ability to complete self-care tasks without assistance […]

Caring for Your Eyes and Vision. Picture of a young black male holding a magnifying glass up to his eye.

Caring for Your Eyes and Vision

Let’s raise awareness about the importance of maintaining healthy eyes and preserving clear vision. Our eyes play a crucial role in our everyday lives, allowing us to perceive the world around us. However, many people often take their vision for granted, neglecting proper eye care practices. This article aims to shed light on the significance […]

How Gardening Can Keep You Healthy, Mentally and Physically. Picture of an older caucasian male and female with the female riding in a wheelbarrow and both are laughing.

How Gardening Can Keep You Healthy, Mentally and Physically

Gardening is not only a rewarding hobby but also a beneficial activity that can contribute significantly to your overall health and well-being. Engaging in gardening provides numerous mental and physical health benefits that go beyond simply cultivating plants. Whether you have a spacious backyard or a small balcony, nurturing a garden can positively impact your […]

Higher Risk of Health Problems for Night Owls

A recent study finds that night owls are more at risk for health problems such as diabetes, sarcopenia (a condition where the body gradually loses muscle mass), and metabolic syndrome (a collection of health conditions that increases the risk of diabetes, heart disease, and stroke). This is true even if the night owls sleep the […]

The Benefits of Playing a Musical Instrument

Recent studies find that learning a musical instrument can be one of the best workouts for our mind and cognition. In addition, research shows that it can also benefit us physically as we age and of course we all know that music is good for the soul. A study from Northwestern University reveals that musicians […]

The Benefits of Lemon Water

We all know the importance of drinking water for our health, but did you know occasionally adding a splash of lemon to your glass of water provides these health benefits? Aids digestion – As we age, the acid in our stomach that aids in digestion declines. The acid from the lemons can supplement our natural […]

Chocolate is Good for The Brain

We’ll drink to this: according to research, hot chocolate makes us smarter and faster thinkers. A study finds drinking cocoa is not just a popular choice, but it may also be a “smart” choice as well. A team at the University of Birmingham discovered that people given a cocoa drink containing high levels of flavanols […]

Retro Fitting The Home

Many older adults have spent decades raising families in their homes where they’ve created so many cherished memories. While it may not be possible for a loved one to live independently forever, making a few home modifications can keep the home safe and comfortable. Home modifications for older adults reduce fall risk and help loved […]